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Witch Recipe Candle


Witch Recipe Candle

Blackberry Mood

Top : grapefruit, blackberry
Middle : bay leaf
Base : cedar, vetiver

300g | Nature Soy Wax Candle | Triple Cotton Wick

Witch Recipe Scented candles are an excellent treat for everyone this spooky halloween!

There is an old story for this candle…

A long time ago, there was a village that had a fluttering taste of Blackberries that attracted a large number of villagers. And this taste comes from the unique pumpkin soup cooked by a group of witches, why is it unique? Because the taste is blackberry instead of pumpkin, but this does not affect the lingering taste. Unexpectedly, because of the mysterious recipe of these witches, other villagers  were jealous. The jealousy caused villagers to start endless rumors, saying that a group of cursed witches had cursed in the soap. The rumors spread from mouth to mouth and soon the rumors spread throughout the village. In order to quell the unending rumors, the village chief had to capture and set the witches on fire. After this, everyone called them the evil witch.

But no one expected that this weird blackberry pumpkin soup saved the village from a strange disease. Later, the doctors discovered that this pumpkin soup can cure many strange diseases, but the person who created the secret is no longer there.

In order to commemorate this group of sacrificed witches, we named this product as Witch Recipe. 

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