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UNIIQ Kombucha | All Things Rose Set


All Things Rose set

This time we are collaborating with the first 4,500mg Prebiotics Kombucha in Malaysia – Uniiq Kombucha,  and come up with this lovely Rosy set: All Things Rose!

About UNIIQ Kombucha:

Only the real stuff with a great amount of 4,500mg of Prebiotics per serving, UNIIQ Kombucha uses organic tea leaves and organic ingredients. No preservatives and naturally rich with nutrients to promote good gut health. Good gut health is the key to everything in life.

1. Contains natural probiotics & added 4,500mg of prebiotics that helps to maintain a better intestinal bacteria & digestive system

2. Helps boost the immune system

3. Anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

Inside the set:

This set included our signature Room & Linen spray and a unique design Scented Wax Sachet.
Just a little pump of our Room Spray can freshen up your space, and make your day! We always need to treat ourselves better and believe all the little things matter. You can hang our wax sachet in the wardrobe or door as a decoration which brings a calm scent that can fill up your room.

Let’s try our All Things Rosé – a special Limited Time Only set from Uniiq x Little MooMooCraft!


All Things Rosé Set Includes:

* 2x Bottles of UNIIQ Rose Kombucha

* 1x Little MooMooCraft Rose Room & Linen Spray

* 1x Rose Scented Wax Sachet

The Ingredient:

Room & Linen Spray 30ml – Rose Valley:

Rose Petal, Pink Pepper, Rose, Raspberry Bloom, Amber, and Papyrus

Wax Sachet – Red Roses:
Bergamot, Rosebuds, Green leaves, Geranium, Rose petals, Violet petals, MuskRose Kombucha:

Uniiq Kombucha – Rose:
Filtered water, live kombucha culture, organic cane sugar, fibersol 2, rose syrup, and black tea.


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