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Spooky Family


Welcome to our Spooky Family! Discover a ghostly ensemble featuring four unique ghost candles, each striking a different pose.

Meet the Screamy Ghost, our largest member, infused with the bewitching scent of Haunted Orchard, weighing in at 100g.
Say hello to the Horror Phantom, exuding the tantalizing aroma of Pumpkin Souffle, with a weight of 95g.
Unveil the charming Spooky Ghost, radiating the refreshing essence of Morning Basil at 70g.
Lastly, meet the adorable Spooky Boo, emitting the invigorating fragrance of Citrus Burst, standing at 60g.

Add an enchanting touch to your Halloween ambiance with our Spooky Family! 🎃👻

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