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Rose Valley


It’s a perfect idea for those times when you can’t lit up your candle. Just a few pumps of our room & linen spray will freshen up any space in your surroundings. You can also try a little spritz on your pillow and surrounding area before going to bed at night, and drift off to sleep soothed by the calming scents.

How to use:
– Shake it before use.
– As a room fragrance, spray into the air as desired to refresh your space.
– As linen mist,
spray 2 to 3 times onto bed linens and pillows keeping a distance of at least 30cm from your linen. (For pillow: use on the side that is not against your face)

*Avoid eye contact and store in a cool dry place. Can be used to quickly freshen up a space, and spray on bedsheets, linens, pillows, and clothing.

Scents: Rose Valley
Rose Petal | Pink Pepper | Rose | Raspberry Bloom | Amber | Papyrus

Size: 30ml or 120ml

No products in the cart.


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