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MooMoo Wax Sachet Kit


Are you a wax sachet lover? MooMoo Sachet Kit allows you to easily experience how to make wax sachet at home. We provide wax sachet making kits for beginners including candle materials. You have no idea how to start? No worries! We provide a video showing and guide you to do it step by step.  

Size of box (without equipments): 25cm x 20cm x 7cm
Size of box (with equipments): 38cm x 29cm x 8cm

What’s inside? (8 units Wax Sachets Materials)

  • 1 x Nature C3 Soy Wax 120g
  • 1 x Kahlwax Bee Wax 120g
  • 1 x Electric Stove
  • 1 x Little Pot
  • 1 x Thermometer
  • 1 x Stirrer Spoon
  • 1 x Tweezer
  • 5 x Sachet Molds (different shapes)
  • 2 x Fragrance Oil 10ml (Refer to options available)
  • 8 x Metal Rings
  • 8 x MooMoo Tags
  • 8 x Leather Rope Strings
  • 5 x Dried Flowers
  • 1 x Dried Lemons
  • 1 x Cinnamons

Videos are available free and on-line here.
Start your wax sachet journey now!

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