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Mini Lavish Travel Candle


Blackberry Mood

Top: Blackberry, Citrus Fruits

Middle: Bay Laurel

Base: Vetiver Grass, Cedar


Pink Peony

Top: Fresh Apple

Middle: Peony, White Jasmine, Carnation, Roses

Base: Suede


Lily of the Valley

Top: Common Bluebell

Middle: Lily of the Valley, Rose Haw, Jasmine

Base: White Musk



3-in-1 Mini Lavish Travel Candle (set)

Feel like trying all 3 types of scents candle? Here come with our Mini Lavish Set (3- in-1).  This Mini Lavish set is including Blackberry Mood, Pink Peony and Lily of the valley. This set is more suitable for people who want to try out all 3 of our scents candles. It is also cheaper than buying one by one.

(2.4 oz | 70g) /each

100% Nature C3 Soy Wax Candle | Wooden Wick


Mini Lavish candle can burn up to 20 hours. We recommend using it in a small room/bathroom. Mini Lavish candles are very popular as wedding/event door gifts. Our candles will burn clean and made from only the best quality materials with no unnatural additives in the wax. They have been tested for maximum fragrance throw.

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