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Warm Christmas Gift Set


*A beautiful gift box that collaboration with Miss Moonig Floral & Design. @missmoonig

To create your own lovely gift set for your friends, families, or your loved ones. This lovely gift set comes with a glass candle and exquisite little embellishment. You can pick the types of candles & types of embellishment into your lovely gift set.

First Step: You can choose one of our Signature Christmas Candle below:

Santa’s Pie
Maple. Apple. Cinnamon. Orange. Bourbon. Vanilla.

Christmas Eve
Cinnamon. Ginger. Pine. Orange Peel. Clove. Fir.

Snowy Barries
Blackcurrant Leaves, Berries, Roses, Musk, Jasmine

Second Step: You can choose one of the embellishments below:

-Wreath Hanger

-Star Car Clip

All Christmas products will free a MOOMOO Christmas Card~

No products in the cart.


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