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Candle Electrical Stove



Candle Electrical Stove


This candle electrical stove is an efficient and economical way to melt wax for candle making. Here are some instructions for use:


  1. For the first use, plug in the power supply, put nothing on the stove surface, put it in a ventilated place or under a range hood, turn on the fifth gear and burn for 10-20 minutes, evaporate the protective film, the protective film evaporates and the smell of burnt smell is normality. Please rest assured to use, no worries at all.
  2. 1-5 power, 1st power is low temperature and 5 power is high temperature.
  3. During use, when the temperature reaches the power position temperature, the light will go out and enter the high-temperature protection state, but if the light is still working, please continue to heat it. The power light will turn off when the temperature control switch is on and off.
  4. Place the candle electrical stove on a stable, flat surface for use.
  5. After use, please turn off the candle electrical stove, unplug the power plug, and wait for the candle electrical stove to cool down before wiping and cleaning the surface of the candle electrical stove.



Voltage: 220V

Principle: Resistance Heating

Frequency: 50HZ

Power: 1000W 

Size: 22cm x 22cm x 4cm

*Candle Electrical Stove Manual Provided

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