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Candle Accessory Set (Roses Gold)


Wick Trimmer

A wick trimmer is an implement similar to scissors, used to trim down the wicks of candles. Candle wick trimmers help candles burn fully and last longer. Your candle’s wick should be trimmed to 5mm before you light your candle. The candle wick needs to be trimmed for every 4 hours that it burns, and before the candle is lit. Also, use a candle snuffer together to get the most out of your candle experience.

Size: 18cm x 6cm x 3cm

Wick Dipper

A wick dipper represents an easy to use tool that provides a smoke-free, cleaner option for extinguishing your candles. Simply dip the lit wick into the melted wax pool. The flame is extinguished without the hassle of smoke. After that, pull the wick out from the melted wax pool by using a wick dipper.

Length: 20cm

Candle Snuffer

A candle snuffer is used to extinguish burning candles, consisting of a small bell at the end of a handle. You lower the bell down over the flame until it goes out. A faster way is to deprive the flame of its oxygen. That’s what a snuffer does, by making a barrier between the flame and the air. 

Size: 20cm x 3cm x 3cm

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