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AromaLunar Candle |香月


 Moonlight Aromatic Candle

In this special season of Mid-Autumn Festival, we present to you the Moonlight Aromatic Candle Gift Set. Inside this unique gift box, you’ll discover four exquisite mooncake-shaped candles, each with its own distinct color and fragrance, adding creativity and warmth to your Mid-Autumn celebrations.

  • Red Roses (Red): The fragrance of red roses, like a bouquet of fresh flowers, conveys deep affection.
  • Green Tea (Green): The refreshing aroma of green tea awakens tranquility and serenity.
  • Golden Pear (Grey): The warm, inviting scent of golden pears adds a touch of coziness.
  • Citrus Burst (Yellow): The zesty and vibrant aroma of citrus bursts with festivity.

The Moonlight Candle Gift Set is a perfect choice for those who may not be fans of traditional mooncakes. It pays homage to cherished childhood memories of playing with candles during Mid-Autumn Festival and offers a new way to savor aromas with loved ones.

Size and Weight: Each candle weighs 45 grams.

*Ideal for gifting and creating a Mid-Autumn ambiance at home. Every purchaser will receive a complimentary greeting card. Please note that the Moonlight candles are available for purchase only until Mid-Autumn, and quantities are limited.

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