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Our Stories

Founded in 2019, Little MooMooCraft prepared to lead and support a variety of crafts. We are here to help everyone who is in love with crafts, able to learn new knowledge and inspire creativity. We know what you’re thinking, WHY WE CHOOSE CRAFT? In this generation, we can see that everyone repeats doing the same things everyday and tends to fall into a routine. People easily get bored in doing the same things day to day. However, sometimes we believe that challenges bring happiness, and that people who break their routines, try new things, and go new places are happier. 

Little MooMooCraft is a candle brand based in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. We offer products and candle materials to everyone. We are the first craft company that provides craft kits with video guide tutorials in Malaysia. After you purchase our craft kits, you can do it together with our video guide tutorials by showing step by step. Besides, we provide the best quality of hand-poured aroma candles in Malaysia. Everytime you shop with us, you can enjoy great value offers and crafting expertise.

Our Mission

“To inspire everyone to start their craft journey”

“To provide the best quality hand-poured aroma candle in Malaysia”

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